Rubber roof repair procedure

It seems very hard when you got a leak in your roof and people used to give thousands suggestions. Hard to listen and harder to act upon these suggestion and to face the leaking situation is hardest. A long list comes in front of you to solve the problem with a wave of confusion that is it reliable or not.

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All the solution has their advantages and disadvantage .You obviously prefers to have that which advantages are more than their disadvantages. Rubber roof is considered a better solution by majority. If you will see its procedure you can understand that how its work and why its adhesion is long lasting.

Rubber roof repair

Non -toxic, environmentally friendly anti corrosive waterproofing product of Rubber roof repair is certified for potable water. Water based asphalt emulsion, blended with elastomeric polymers is easier to apply its cure is rapid and adhesion is excellent .It works similar on wide range of material. Spraying, rolling, brushing is the ways to apply it.

Make the roof surface clean

Make the roof surface clean, any particle of dust or dirt surly   rust, oil, grease, and loose material. The roof surface must be dry. Remind it that wet surfaces will not let the product adhere. Moisture vaporize and negatively affect the performance of Rubber roof repair. Over old felt, asphalt or deck boards after completing the felt removed, lay Rubber roof repair.

Rubber roof repair is a competent DIY product

A competent DIY product of Rubber roof repair is to save the expenses of contractor. It needs less time to be dry and amazingly cure in less time. The second thing what makes him dry sooner is reality the only one coat of Rubber roof repair is enough to repair firmly. It is also saving of product and money but it does not means that its efficiency decrease .It’s all quality to resist against heat, temperature and facing hailing and storm does not effect by any outer element.

Guaranteed application

After guaranteed application of Rubber roof repair, your roof is safe for many decades, in repair cost you are going to get new roof.


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