Why you should use EPDM Liquid Rubber for repairing roof Leaks?

  • Roofs have a tendency to collect water, and there’s no getting around that.
  • You might live in a region with heavy rain or monsoon-type conditions.
  • Amount of ponding water or temperature extremes will impact on roof surface surely.
  • Roof leak repair used to be a tedious, difficult chore. Study have shown that Roof leaks occur if roof is not regularly maintained and will only last about half of its expected service life.

Specially designed to stop leaks

EPDM Rubber is specially designed to stop leaks, repair roofs, reflect heat, and extend the life of a roof. It also improves aesthetics and is a cost-effective, simple way to beautify your roof. EPDM Rubber only uses the latest chemistry practices.

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Some compulsory reasons to choose EPDM rubber

  1. EPDM Rubber roof repair is a competent DIY product to save the expenses of contractor.
  2. If you are looking to add less weight prevention for Roof leaks to save your roof with a one coat system that has proven itself over the years look no further.
  3. Guaranteed application After EPDM Rubber roof repair guaranteed application, your roof is safe for many decades, in repair cost you are going to get new roof.
  4. You can use Liquid EPDM Rubber on rusted or worn metals without needing a primer.
  5. Prevent Roof Damage with EPDM Rubber When building a new home, sealants and caulks can be protected with EPDM Rubber.
  6. Simply apply a non-glossy paint first, allow it to dry, and then apply EPDM Rubber.
  7. Working with Sheet Rubber and EPDM Sheet rubber and EPDM have many similarities, including flexibility and chemical makeup. Applying EPDM Rubber over sheet rubber can fix any existing chalking issues.
  8. Utilized on numerous substrates without primer.
  9. As the moderate cure procedure advances you will find that it adjusts to any shape vertical or even and when completely cured will create a smooth consistent surface. At long last a conclusion to crease repair.
  10. The main roofing material as far as anyone is concerned that waterproofs straightforwardly on application. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true; you simply get completed and have a light rain come through and it won’t hurt the EPDM Rubber. Curing proceeds when the water vanishes off the recently connected coatings.

Benefit in spending money to maintain the roof with EPDM rubber

 EPDM rubber products work on more roofing materials than any other kind of coating for Roof leaks. EPDM Rubber is environmentally friendly, very durable, and the highest quality available in the world. Experienced facility managers know that a roof should be inspected for Roof leaks at least twice a year to keep the roof alive as long as possible. EPDM rubber maintains your roof perfectly and enhances its life. See details


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